Upcoming events

OSC Grand Party

Celebrate the start of the new year with socialisation, music, games, CTFs, and more!

Past events

Explore ML Series

A series of events including tech talks, workshops and meetups for understanding and developing with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Android Study Jam Series

A series of events for developing apps for the Android platform with Kotlin and Android SDK.

Jackbox Party Games

Online gaming night on our discord platform.

Understand AI and Deeplearning

The first Google Developer Student event in Australia, about understanding AI and Deep Learning, with prominent speakers from AIML (Australian Institute of Machine Learning) and a Google Expert in Machine Learning.

Machine Learning Talk with Canva

Event organised with our partner: CPC - Competitive Programming Club and Canva, at the University of Adelaide.

Adi's Coding Marathon

Adi's Coding Marathon is a weekly event run by our founder Aditya Pujara, to engage the community in healthy competition.